Finding Basic Authtoken in JAVASCRIPT file BY Full Automation

Hi, everyone

My name is Santosh Kumar Sha, I’m a security researcher from India(Assam). In this article, I will be describing how I was able to Find the production and staging access token leaked by android application and takeover the whole infrastructure .

TIP For looking for android bug :

Tools Requried:

  1. grep
  2. wget
  3. gau(Corben) —
  4. waybackurls(tomnomnom) —
  5. subjs(Corben) —


I’m sure that a lot of security researcher had already seen this process but this how I approach for find secret in js file , and i have reported many in HackerOne using this process, .I hope this will help to find more leaked credential in js file. I don’t think this the correct way but This my process for automation As looking each and js file more 1000 line of code is impossible.

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